About our company

PT Klima Teknik Solusi is a company, which have the major business in HVAC & R (Heating, Ventilating, Air conditioning and Refrigeration) system and solution. We provide superior products, energy efficient, cost effective, services and engineering solutions on technically challenging projects. Our job duties include the design, installation, maintenance, and repair and provide the solution of HVAC & R systems.

Here are our main proper business:

  • CLEAN ROOM : We carry out CLEAN ROOM projects of all sizes and for a wide range of different target groups – from project conception through to validation of the finished clean room. We offers design and constructions of clean rooms for industries (likes : biology pharmaceutical, electronics semi – conductor, hospital, Laboratory. Food processing, precision machinery, optical technology), a full range of services, from developing the initial concept to handing over a ready to use clean room.  We also provide quality training for the maintenance staff. The terms of maintenance and servicing for all of the utilities are documented in detail, and if necessary can be performed by our engineer.
  • CHILLER : We sell the brand KLEAN AIR - Chiller, manufactured by Kuen Ling Machinery Refrigeration Co., LTD (Taiwan). We provide air cooled mini chiller, air cooled modular chiller, water cooled chiller, absorption chiller, or any Brand of Chiller you may request.
  • Air Condition Unit : VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) and DX Daikin.
  • Air Conditioning Equipment : AHU (Air Handling Unit), Water and air cooled package AC, Dehumidifier, Precision Cooling split duct, Fan Coil Unit,  and air Filter
  • Clean room Equipment : Air shower, FFU (Fan Filter Unit), Pass box , Damper, Clean bench, Bio safety cabinet. Bag in bag out filter for negative pressure room.
  • Air Filter : Primary Filter, Secondary Filter, HEPA filter, HEPA box, ULPA filter.
  • Ducting : Pre-insulated PU Ducting and Sheet Metal Ducting.
  • Bag house : We distribute the Indsutrial Bag house / Dust Collector at any capacity and also the Bag filter.