Air Cooled Hermatic Chiller Unit


Capacity : 5 - 240 USRT

R-134a, R-410A

Compact design

Built-in stainless steel water tank with large water flow & high efficiency & high head special pump.  It's unnecessary to set water tank & water pump by clients

High quality accessories

The compressor adopts high-quality hermetic scroll compressor, low noise fans, makes sure unit running stably and high efficiency, energy saving

High standard design

Unit adopt "shell and tube evaporator and stainless steel water tank", cooling capacity will be risen 2 times

Long-term operation, application extensively

The unit suitable for long-term operation and meet client's real demand



Adopt imported fully enclosed scroll compressor. Simple low maintenance cost of compressor mechanism, composed of two scrolls, one is fixed and the other is rotatable.  During the process, the cold pressure continues to rise, and finally the high-pressure high-temperature cold-screw gas is discharged from the middle of the scroll.  The compression efficiency under the same horsepower condition is more than 10% higher than that of the reciprocating type.






Refrigerant Type

This series of host adopts environmental protection refrigerant R-410A.  This refrigerant is occupied by R-32 and R-125, 50% mixed, with azeotropic characteristics, easy to maintain.  R140A ozone layer destruction index (ODP) = 0, so it will not destroy the ozone layer, which is environmentally friendly media.




Air cooled condenser

The air cooled ice water host adopts tube fin heat exchanger to form plum, which is cooled by air warm refrigerant, the peripheral system does not need to install cooling water pump, cooling water tower, cooling water pipe, therefore the annual maintenance cost of the aor cell system is low and easy.  It will not cause environmental pollution and harm to the environment and people of the building.




Low noisy fan

The company's air-cooled main unit adopts a five-leaf type integrally formed shaped knitting fan blade, which has large air volume, low noise, durable against salt damage.




Use the imported Expansion valve

This series of models all use imported R-410A special external pressure thermal expansion to ensure that the gas-cooled coal returning to the compression in an overheated state to avoid the occurrence of liquid compression.