Water-cooled Heat recovery Screw Chiller Unit

Capacity 40 - 400 USRT


Unit Features :

1. Compressor

High efficiency and low noise domestic double screw compressor

2. Condenser

The use of high efficiency mesh copper pipes with liquid pipe operation room for future maintenance and repair

3. Water cooler

Adopt high efficiency internally threaded cooper tube, dry heat exchanger, and the outer layer is covered with 3/4" thick PE foam insulation

4. Expansion

Imported external pressure equalizing thermal expansion reading

5. Distribution box

The unit includes power distribution for control, including Y delta starters and  phase-switching related electrical appliances required for machine control function

6. Accessories

Refrigerant liquid pipe line filter, refrigerant high pressure meter, low pressure meter

7. Protective device

There are protection for high pressure which too high, low pressure which too low, outlet water temperature function which too low, compressor motor overload protection, compressor motor coil overheat protection, main power reverse phase protection, pre-flow water flow switch chain protection contact

8. Other

The standard unit performs insulation work in the factory and fills the refrigerant required by the unit before performing various protection.  After the device is tested and the unit is in operation, and after the quality control inspection is passed, the unit is ready shipped out



Low noise and high efficiency

The compressor adopts the most advanced 5 to 6 asymmetrical toothed twin screw rotor, which has smooth operation, low vibration and low noise, high efficiency and other advantage

Multi-stage volume control, free adjustment of refrigeration lad changes

The compressor has a 25%-50%-75%-100% four-stage volume control system, the main unit has a low starting current, and is suitable for changing the freezing load condition, the energy saving function can be achieved.

Fewer parts and simple maintenance

The screw compressor has fewer parts fewer failure points, and the motor and the body are of separate design, easy to repair and maintain.

Safety protection device

The unit is equipped with multiple protection such as high and low voltage switches, antifreeze switches, fusible plugs, overload protection devices, line country overheat protectors. reverse phrase protectors, and other multiple protection device.