Water-cooled Screw Chiller Unit (Flooded type)


Capacity : 40 – 400 USRT, R-134a / R-22

KLFW Series Product

Semi compact screw compressor

The compressor rotor adopts the latest technology to make this third-generation symmetrical tooth shape and operates at  a low speed below 3600 rpm, which combines high efficiency and low-range sound.  


The exchange is a shell and tube type, using high-efficiency copper tubes to make the heat exchange performance more superior.  

Programmable microcomputer control

Programmable control and monitoring of host operation and self diagnosis functions, with LCD  display screen provides easiest operating  

Oil separator

By using the filter screen, after separation of excess oil, the oil will be returned to the return pipe by the pressure difference method and filtered by the low-pressure filter with its fine mesh.  

Throttle device-electronic expansion reading

No moving part, the special flow channel design drives oil return system, superior and reliable operation performance.

Injection pump for oil return power plant

Through the reading itseft and the driver to control the linear change, the flow is automatically adjusted in accordance with the load, and the operation is stable.

Protective device

Safety valves, high pressure and high pressure protection, low pressure under-low protection, ice water temperature under-low protection, compressor motor overload protection, compressor motor coil overheat protection, compressor oil level switch, main power reverse phase protection relay, pre-flow  and water flow chain protection.

Quality Assurance

The company has passed ISO-9001 qualify certification, and each unit is produce under strict quality control. The protection device test and performance test shall be delivered after passing the test.  The company also has a complete provincial service base,  and provide you with the prefect after-sales service.





Product features :


The full liquid evaporator applies the principle of boiling heat transfer.  The cooling tube is completely diffused in the liquid refrigerant on the shell side.  Through the heat exchange process, the heat of the ice water circulating in the tube side is taken away to achieve the purpose of cooling.


During the heat exchange process, the refrigerant in the shell side is in a boiling state, and the heat transfer efficiency is greatly improved, and the heat transfer coefficient can be more than 3 times  the heat transfer of evaporation in the straight expansion evaporator.

The direct expansion system is limited by the temperature and temperature expansion control conditions, the outlet of the evaporator needs to be maintained at 5-8 degree Celsius.  The total area of the cooling pipe is 15-20% of the drying area, and the superheated refrigerant vapor in this area provides only a small amount of refrigerant and reduces the evaporation temperature, the full liquid evaporator can remove the superheat limit, not only make the cooling tube completely flooded with liquid refrigerant, the refrigerant can give full play to the cooling flame difference, increase the evaporation temperature by 2-3 degree Celsius, and the capacity of the evaporator increased.  Liquid evaporator flooded, the ice water flows in the tube, which can reach the turbulent state, and the heat transfer coefficient on the water side is 2-3 times higher than that of the direct expansion evaporator.  Ice water on the side can be convenient cleaned.