Bag-in & Bag-out Filter system


Product Name : Bag-in & Bag-out Filter System

Description :

Bag-in & Bag-out Filter system provide a wide performance for preventing the workers from bio-hazard organisms and viruses while they are doing the regular HEPA or ULPA filter replacement work.

It is the most effective equipment available for any zone, needing a special critical filtration cleanliness level and negative pressure environment.
Bag-in & Bag-out Filter system includes pre-filter (and maintenance access door), HEPA or ULPA filter (and maintenance access door), inlet & outlet connecting duct flange unit, frame and mounting bracket.
The equipment is full welded with argon welding except maintenance access door. It can be made not only at workshop but on site also.
Magnehelic gauge becomes standard for pre-filter, and ULPA or HEPA filter.