Explosive Proof Type Chiller Unit for Chemical Processing

Capacity : 40 - 600 USRT

R-134a / R-507A

KLSW ex series product introcuction


Explosion proof Semi hermatic Screw Compressor

Adopts the recently high technical rotor and runs at low speed under 2600 rpm, furnished with high efficiency and low noise benefits

Condenser (CNS12655 CERTIFICATION)

Shell and tube type, use high efficiency tubes

Evaporator (Chiller )(CNS12655 CERTIFICATION)

Excellent performance by shell and tube flooded type evaporator design, and using high efficiency cooper tubes

Explosion proof Distribution box (Air purge)

Through positive pressure system itself and (IP65) distribution box, become air purge explosion-proof system, safe and stable operation

Protective Devices

Safety relief valves, high/low pressure switch, chilled water low temp, switch, compressor motor thermal overload, compressor internal thermostat, oil level switch, phase reversal relay, flow switch interlock protection contactor


Optional Items :

  1. Heat exchanger tube material, the tube can be made of stainless steel, copper nickel tubes, titanium tubes.
  2. Programmable control and monitors over the running conditions, self diagnosed, and easy to operate.