Water-cooled DC inverter Centrifugal Chiller Unit

Capacity: 90-270 USRT


Magnetic Bearing

The rotor bearings and impellers of this series of compressors are supported by magnetic bearings.

1.  Direct transmission, no need for supervised wheel gearbox, easy to reduce the failure factor.

2. The energy consumption is about 180W, which is much lower than that of the gear box machine.  The loss is more than 10KW. Energy saving is more than 98.2%.

3. Magnetic net high-speed rotation, frictionless operation without bearing replacement to save maintenance costs, unit have long life time.

4. Full load running noise 70dB(A) far lower than the screw machine 88dB(A).

5. The refrigerant system does not need to be filled with frozen oil.

It can improve the capacity of the host by about 9% and increase the reliability, save the maintenance cost of changing the refrigeration oil, multi-pressure and continuous operation without return of oil problem, we can get better partial load efficiency in the oil room, sudden power failure will automatically shut down the remote stop.


Frequency conversion operation

The rotor of this series compressors can adjust the operating speed and rotation speed to the load size : 15,000-37,000 RPM.

  1. Partial load energy efficiency is very significant, compare with traditional screw press machine energy saving more than 30%   Rate 1PLV=0.34 - 0.43 kW/RT, greatly reduce the operating electricity cost.
  2. The compressor has a built-in DC frequency conversion device, which does not need to be additionally installed in the switchboard.
  3. When the main power supply is suddenly cut off, the compressor turns into a generator and will automatically slow down and stop.  No additional emergency power supply system is required with oil supply circuit.
  4. The maximum noise of full load operation is 70dB(A), and the original sound value can be lower than 56dB(A) when part of the load, which is suitable for low noise environment.


Product features :

  1. Using two-stage open noise-high efficiency centrifugal blade transport.
  2. The impeller shaft is only moving part of the compressor, with stable operation and high reliability.
  3. No gear box, low vibration and low noise.