BSC : Bio-Safety Cabinet


Product Name : BSC:Bio-Safety cabinet

Description :

This is a completely closed cabinet, isolate operating personnel or objects to avoid damage by harmful substances, protective role.

It is often used in high-polluting, high toxicity, high hazard job.

Exposure to toxic chemical biology, food testing, pharmaceutical and health hazardous industries ideal for devices.

Customized size and specification are available to meet customer's requirements.




Features :


◎ The Class II BSC is designed not only to provide personnel protection but also to protect work surface materials from being contaminated by the room air which is drawn into the cabinet. And it is used for protecting the laboratory environment as well. It is acceptable for working with medium level risk tests. And according to the National Sanitation Foundation Standard, NSF/ANSI 49(2002), it can be defined and classified as 4 types. Their features are compared as below. 


◎ Class III biological safety cabinets are suitable for work in Bio-safety Level 3 and 4 laboratories and provide the protection for the highest hazardous level of the Risk Group 3, Risk Group 4, or above. It virtually is a sealed gas tight cabinet. Moreover, its supply air is HEPA- filtered and exhaust air passes through two HEPA filters which keep the cabinet interior under negative pressure consequently. The only way of accessing to the work surface for operation is by means of heavy duty rubber gloves, which are attached to ports in the cabinet virtually.