Open Type Screw Compressor Unit

NH3 / R-134A / R-404A

KOS Series Product Instroduction

Open type Screw Compressor

Adopts the recently high technical rotor and runs at high  speed under 2600 rpm, furnished with high efficiency and low noise benefits

Oil Separator

Make use of the filter screen to separate the refrigeration oil that is drained by compressor, and then the pump refrigeration oil to force the oil to reach the lubrication the compressor bearings

Oil Cooler

Shell and tube type, use high efficiency tubes

Oil filter

Use a washable stainless steel filter

High efficiency oil pump

Use the high efficiency gear oil pump

High precision coupling

Imported high precision high strength coupling to ensure that the compressor unit efficiency is not reduced

Programmable micro processor

Programmable control and monitors over the running conditions, self-diagnosed, and easy to operate

Protection devices

Fusible plugs, high/low pressure switch, motor thermal overload, safety relief valves, phase reversal relay, flow witch

Quality Assurance

Each chiller is manufactured through strict quality control system according to ISO 9001.  Good will be delivered only after in plant protection device checking test etc.