Air-cooled Heat Pump Chiller Unit

Capacity : 15 - 240 USRT

R-134A / R-22

Host Features

  1. High energy efficiency can provide ice water and hot water at the same time, greatly reduce energy consumption and operation cost of buildings.
  2. The installation of main unit will not occupy the internal space of the building, and the value of the building will be greatly increased.
  3. The operation of the host will not cause air pollution and high pressure operation safety problems like fuel boilers.
  4. The operation energy of the main machine is electricity, unlike some fuel steel furnaces, fuel storage tanks must be preset, and the safety of the personnel is guaranteed.
  5. The operation of the host will not cause the problem of incomplete combustion, which producing carbon monoxide, and the personnel are guaranteed.
  6. The main engine is driven by electricity, and its carbon dioxide emission is the lowest, which is in line with the world environmental protection trend.