Air Shower Automatic Sliding Door


Product Name :  Air Shower automatic sliding door


Description :

It's an airborne pollutants barrier between clean room and the worker's gowning area and prevents accidental contamination due to the unwanted or improper opening of the doors.

It effectively removes the surface lint and particulates on the workers and their garments and completely drives them down to the breeze air circulating filtration system.

They are available in a very wide variety of sizes and shapes, such as using a combination of straight, right or left angle, and U shapes, to provide a cleaning.


Features :

Main body construction:heavy gauge Steel Plate with powder coating, and with stainless steel floor to minimize particle generation.

Mechanical or electrical interlock:helps preventing premature or mistaken opening of the pressure-sealed doors.

An Emergency Stop push button:will override the operating cycle to release the door locks immediately.

A power failure safety function:the door locks will open automatically, while power is fail accidentally, to protect workers from dangers.

Interior fluorescent lamp and flush windows:for best visibility and safety.

All units come standard with Programmable microprocessor control, touch panel, and timer w/LED Display.

With Auto, Stop, Manual, Emergency Stop function keys.

W/ Running, or Air Shower Clean Mode indicators fitted on FRT & RR door.

An optional timer, which deactivates interlock system 5 seconds after air shower clean mode finished, is available.

 Audio system is available for an option.


  • Custom sizes are possible.